Webinar: Low-Impact Construction for Living Landscapes

Doug Nachtigall’s presentation will feature low-impact construction techniques to minimize the negative impacts of landscape construction. With the right equipment and approach, landscape projects can be accomplished with minimal waste and ecological damage. With careful planning, landscapes can utilize nearly 90% reused material. Specialized equipment (such as flotation tires, conveyors, and on-site soil/aggregate screening) is available to tread lightly on the land during construction to minimize soil compaction. This presentation will introduce participants to these low impact construction methods in hopes that they become part of every eco-designer’s and builder’s repertoire and become standard methods for developing and planning living projects.

Doug Nachtigall is an inter-generational horticulturist, landscape designer, and landscape contractor. Doug’s specialties include low maintenance, drought tolerant landscapes; edible landscaping, permaculture, native plant gardens, horticulture therapy, and environmental art. Using sustainable landscaping practices, he creates habitats through bio-diversity and artistic interpretation to develop living spaces that encourage a therapeutic relationship with nature through aesthetic, environmental design.