2015 Conference Proceedings

Keynote Address

Planning for the Unplanned: Integrating Ecological Restoration Techniques & Landscape Design
Larry Weaner, Larry Weaner Associates

Keynote Presentation Summary

Landscape Design Perspectives
Soils and Plants: From the Ground Up
New Paradigms in Stormwater Management
Sustainable Management of the Designed Landscape

Work & Play Around the Chesapeake Bay: Case Studies in Sustainability

Julie Dieguez (handout);
Sandi Olek;
Kelly Petrey (presentation)

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Soils is Not Just a Dirty Word: Exploring the Mysteries of Managing Soil Biology

Steve Zien (handout & presentation)

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Creative Collaboration and Resotration in Baltimore

Ashley Traut (presentation)

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Use of Compost and Microclover to Reduce Runoff and Lawn Fertilizer Use

Mark Carroll (presentation)

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Climate Change Impacts and Landscape Adaptation Strategies

David Tuch (presentation)

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Restoration and Maintaining Native Ecosystems by Control of Non-native Invasive Plants

Marc Imlay (handout & handout presentation)

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Regenerative Design: RSC’s, Sand Seepage, and Re-evaluating Stormwater as an Important Resource

Joe Berg

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Picking Your Battles: Invasive Plant Control

Larry Weaner (presentation)

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Landscaping With Deer

Kathleen Salisbury

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Successful Rain Gardens: Inspired by Wild Plant Communities

Claudia West

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Innovation in Industrial Site Stormwater Management

David Hymel (presentation)

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An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Landscape Management

Cheryl Corson, Doug Delano, Joseph Mudd & Janet Weston (presentation)

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Plenary Address

The Challenge of Residential Design & Rating Systems: A Case Study of the Gaddy House
Lauren Wheeler, Director of George Washington University’s Landscape Design Program

Plenary Presentation Summary