A Focus on Sustainability Webinar Series (Season 5)

CCLC is committed to educating professionals about sustainable landscapes and all the issues that surround this important subject. To further this effort, we are making all the webinars for Season 4 of our “A Focus on Sustainability Webinar Series” available to CCLC members.

The series is being presented by the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC), Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance (MELA), & EcoLandscape California (ELC). Known regionally for their quality education programs, these organizations are working cooperatively to share knowledge and encourage conversations with landscape professionals from around the country and the globe.

These interactive webinars are taught by experts from across the country. Topics covered in this series include a deeper look into soils, native & invasive plants, water management, sustainable landscaping & maintenance, organic lawn care, how sustainable practices can be good for business, and why being sustainable is a healthy landscaping option.

Below are archived webinars from Season 5. We encourage you to check out the archived webinars from other seasons.

  • Kill Your Lawn and Opt for More Biodiversity, Mark Richardson
  • The Liberated Landscape: Letting Nature Do the Work, Larry Weaner
  • Landscape Options: Focusing on Great Underused Plants, Darryl Newman
  • Engineered Soils for Permeable Pathways, Tony Will
  • Groundcovers – Ecological Solutions in Place of Mulch, Dan Jaffe
  • Invasive Plant Control Without Chemicals, Mike Bald
  • The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend – Using Biological Products to Fight Diseases and Pests, Joe Magazzi
  • Transitioning to Ecological Landscape Practices – Toxin-Free Landscapes, Edwina von Gal
  • Landscape Maintenance Practices for Native Bees, Sam Droege
  • Developing a Comprehensive Integrative Pest Management (IPM) Plan, Alexis Doshas

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