Throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, a general public that fully embraces and employs land stewardship practices.


The Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting conservation-based landscaping practices to benefit the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Council is committed to educating and supporting professionals to implement best practices that result in a healthier and more beautiful environment that benefits residents and the region’s biodiversity. (Rev. 10/2014)

Guiding Principles

The Council will work to advance the following principles (Rev. 10/2014):

  • build a diverse and broad coalition of public and private sector groups and leaders and homeowners
  • reach a broader market to strengthen the macro-economic benefits of conservation landscaping
  • influence the setting of standards that define good conservation landscaping practices
  • inform and educate public policy decision makers to advance conservation landscaping activities
  • promote the Council’s goals and activities without seeking to promote or endorse any single member organization


The long term goal of the Conservation Landscaping Council is to advance conservation landscaping practices that have significant ecological benefits for communities throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. To achieve larger-scale conservation landscapes, the Council will consider a range of strategies and advance those deemed most desirable to achieve its goal. Strategies may range from public outreach campaigns, to advancing progressive public policies, to developing model best practices to demonstrate the benefits of conservation landscaping on small and large scales, to encouraging landscaping retailers to carry and promote native plant material and conservation practices.

Strategic Planning Priorities

The Council has organized itself into committees to achieve its goals and mission. The committees are:

  • Development
  • Finance
  • Outreach (formerly Events and Promotions)
  • Training and Standards
  • Governance

Each committee will develop Work Plans to advance the specific strategies identified below. Each strategy will be supported by initiatives and approaches that can be carried out to promote and advance conservation landscaping throughout the watershed.

Strategies may change over time based on new resources or information that benefit the goal and mission of the organization or new partnership opportunities. The Council will focus on the following priorities:

  1.  Promote conservation landscaping practices and approaches
  2. Refine standards of practice for conservation landscaping
  3. Offer professional development and education for the landscape community
  4. Create a regionally unified approach to conservation landscape professionals certification
  5. Build a sustainable organization

Adopted October 2014