Join us this October in celebrating the 1st Annual Riparian Buffer Month!

We will be using the month of October 2021 to build awareness, promote events, and fundraise for the sustainable practice of riparian buffers.

What Does This Look Like? 


Here are some ideas to get started:

Spread the Word:

  • Share “Buffer Banter” social media posts with tips, facts, and fun information about riparian buffers
  • Use #RiparianBufferMonth on social media
  • Focus on sharing resources, news articles, and information on forested riparian buffers
  • What CCLC will be doing: Sharing one buffer success story from our partners each day of the month on our website and on social media, featuring buffers in our monthly blog post.

Host Events:

  • Promote riparian buffer volunteer plantings already being planned.
  • Host educational events focused on riparian buffers
  • What CCLC will be doing: holding a riparian buffer field day in each of the main Bay states, holding a CBLP Today’s Menu lunch & learn webinar on Buffers, continuing the training of landscape professionals through CBLP-Buffers.


  • Target your fundraising efforts on buffer restoration goals or help promote your non-profit partners
  • What CCLC will be doing: encouraging donations towards scholarships for CBLP-Buffers certificate program


Visit our 2021 Buffer Month Partners!

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