Join us this October in celebrating the 1st Annual Riparian Buffer Month!

2021/10/01 12:03:00

We will be using the month of October 2021 to build awareness, promote events, and fundraise for the sustainable practice of riparian buffers.


Here are some ideas to get started:

Spread the Word:

  • Share “Buffer Banter” social media posts with tips, facts, and information about riparian buffers
  • Use #RiparianBufferMonth on social media
  • Focus on sharing resources, news articles, and information on forested riparian buffers
  • What CCLC will be doing: Sharing one buffer success story from our partners each day of the month on our website and on social media; Featuring buffers on our blog, Gathering.
  • Submit a buffer success story to be featured! 

Host Events:

  • Promote riparian buffer volunteer plantings already being planned.
  • Host educational events focused on riparian buffers
  • What CCLC will be doing: Holding a riparian buffer field day in several Bay states; Hosting a CBLP “Today’s Menu” lunchtime webinar on buffers; Continuing the training of landscape professionals to help states meet their water quality goals through the CBLP-Buffers certificate course.


  • Target your fundraising efforts to support buffer restoration goals or help promote your favorit non-profit partners
  • What CCLC will be doing: Inviting donations towards scholarships for CBLP-Buffers certificate program


2021 Buffer Month Partners!

alliance for the Chesapeake bay
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Riparian Buffer Learning Opportunities

This comprehensive riparian buffer training program includes 3 sessions. Participants must attend all sessions to earn the CBLP-Buffers certificate, however, there is an a la carte option to register for the first “Riparian Buffer Basics” webinar, alone , and the Urban Buffer Design Webinar is an add on option, not required for the certificate.

The certificate course is comprised of a series of videos, webinars, and in-person field workshops. Partial scholarships are available for qualified participants in Pennsylvania and Virginia , email for details.