This webinar series is being presented through collaboration of the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC), the Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance (MELA), & EcoLandscape California (ELC). Known regionally for their quality education programs, these organizations are working cooperatively to share knowledge and encourage conversations with landscape professionals from around the country and the globe.

Interactive webinars are taught by experts from across the country and cover a wide range of topics relevant to sustainable landscapes.

Additional webinars are being scheduled so please check back often for an updated list of offerings. All of this season’s webinars are free for CCLC and ELA members.

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  • Why Rain Gardens Fail and Tools for Success

    Presented by Steven Torgerson

    Available on demand for members

  • Field Notes: A Holistic Guide for the Modern Land Steward

    Presented by Trevor Smith

    Available on demand for members

  • Designing with Ferns: The Dependable and the Divisive

    Presented by Leslie Duthie

    Available on demand for members

  • Meadows: If You Build It They Will Come

    Presented by Pennington Marchae

    Available on demand for members

  • A Stick in the Spokes: Meaningful Interventions in Landscape Systems

    Presented by Laura Kuhn

    Available on demand for members

  • Deer-Resistant Northeast Native Groundcovers

    Presented by Melissa Fabel

    Available on demand for members

  • The Challenges and Complexities of Ecological Gardens: A 5-year Journal of Discoveries

    Presented by Lori Silvia

    Available on demand for members

  • Evaluating Soil with the Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health (CASH)

    Presented by Kirsten Kurtz

    Available on demand for members

  • What’s Growing on at Monticello?

    Presented by Keith Nevison

    Available on demand for members

  • Creating Outdoor Spaces that Connect Children to the Natural World

    Presented by Nancy Striniste

    Available on demand for members

  • The Green Industry’s Black Thumb: Pollution from the Use and Disposal of Plastic Plant Pots

    Presented by Marie Soulliere-Chieppo

    Available on demand for members

  • The Challenges of Restoring Urban Native Habitat

    Presented by Dr. Steven Handel

    Available on demand for members

  • Grassroot Seed Propagation of Native Plants

    Presented by Heather McCargo

    Available on demand for members

  • Expanding Biodiversity – Attracting Birds to Your Yard

    Presented by Becky Laboy

    Available on demand for members

  • The American Oaks – Diversity, Ecology, and Identification

    Presented by Tim Boland

    Available on demand for members

  • Regenerative Design – How Living in Agreement with Nature Helps Organizations Thrive

    Presented by Claude Stephens

    Available on demand for members

  • Oak Red-List Project – Main Threats to Oaks and Saving Oaks from Extinction

    Presented by Murphy Westwood, PhD

    Available on demand for members

  • Proper Planting Practices: Are We Landscaping in a Deficit Model?

    Presented by Richard McCoy

    Available on demand for members

  • Creating Community with Our Insect Neighbors

    Presented by Dr. Nancy Lee Adamson

    Available on demand for members

  • Going Underground - The Role of Soil Organisms

    Presented by Dr. Serita Frey

    Available on demand for members

  • Beauty & Biodiversity at Cornell's Mundy Wildflower Garden

    Presented by Krissy Boys

    Available on demand for members

  • The Journey of Edible Landscapes

    Presented by Sven Pihl

    Available on demand for members

  • Growing Vertically with Edible and Ornamental Plants

    Presented by Irene Brady Barber

    Available on demand for members

  • Rain Garden Primer

    Presented by Amanda Sloan

    Available on demand for members

  • Native Plants for Bird Friendly Communities

    Presented by Jillian Bell

    Available on demand for members

  • Capturing Carbon with Trees, Chris Woodall
  • Landscaping for Plant Diversity, Randi Eckel, PhD
  • Supporting Local Ecology – Native Plants for the Small Home Gardens,  Kate Brandes
  • Managing Land for Pollinators and Conservation Biocontrol, Emily May
  • Designing a Patchwork Ecology in Urban Ecosystems, David Seiter
  • Keeping Carbon in the Ground: A Scientific Exploration of Climate Change and Soil Health, Kristen DeAngelis
  • Sustainable Landscape Applications, Applied Ecology, Ecological Services, and Biomimicry, Rick Huffman
  • Backyard Carbon Sequestration – How You Can Help, Adrian Ayers Fisher
  • Quest for Resilience: Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Plant Design, Laura Hansplant
  • Farming on the Wild Side: Regenerative Production Practices Based on Multifunctional Perennial Plantings, John Hayden
  • Fire in Landscape Management – Strategies for Living with It, Alan J Long
  • Missouri and the New Tallgrass Prairie Economy, Carol Davit
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  • Kill Your Lawn and Opt for More Biodiversity, Mark Richardson
  • The Liberated Landscape: Letting Nature Do the Work, Larry Weaner
  • Landscape Options: Focusing on Great Underused Plants, Darryl Newman
  • Engineered Soils for Permeable Pathways, Tony Will
  • Groundcovers – Ecological Solutions in Place of Mulch, Dan Jaffe
  • Invasive Plant Control Without Chemicals, Mike Bald
  • The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend – Using Biological Products to Fight Diseases and Pests, Joe Magazzi
  • Transitioning to Ecological Landscape Practices – Toxin-Free Landscapes, Edwina von Gal
  • Landscape Maintenance Practices for Native Bees, Sam Droege
  • Developing a Comprehensive Integrative Pest Management (IPM) Plan, Alexis Doshas
Watch Season 5
  • Reawaking Large Landscapes – Activating the Space, Sandy Vorce
  • Improving Cash Flow: Better Business Practices for Landscape Professionals, Frank Crandall
  • Urban Tree Selection in a Changing Climate, Dr. Bert Cregg
  • Growing Your Business: Understanding Gender and Power to Increase Sales, Beatrice Stonebanks
  • Dirty Streets to Dirty BMPS: Maintaining Clean Stormwater BMPs Along Roadways, Mary Travaglini
  • Evaluating Conservation Landscape Designs, Ann English
  • Keeping Invasive Plants Out of Landscaping, Doug Johnson
  • The Insider’s Guide to Assessing SITES Viability, CeCe Haydock and Lisa Cowan
  • Designing with Plant Communities in Mind, Claudia West
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  • Designing Successful Rain Gardens for Civic Sites, Amanda Sloan
  • Natural Swimming Ponds: Beauty, Recreation, and Habitat with No Chemicals, Trevor Smith
  • Mobilizing Volunteers for Invasive Plant Removal, Malin Ely Clyde
  • Understanding Roots: Exploring Plants Underground, Robert Kourik
  • Riparian Restoration Using Chemical-free Invasive Plant Control, Ellen Snyder
  • Garden Allies – The Art and Science of Conservation Biological Control, Frederique Lavoipierre
  • Connecting the Drops: Creating Abundance with Rainwater Harvesting, Jeremiah Kidd
  • Beyond LID Green Infrastructure, Brian Kuchar
  • Principles of Ecological Landscape Design, Travis Beck
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  • Xeriscaping – The Necessary Wave of the Future, Sean James
  • Knowing the Enemy: Practical Solutions for Deer and Other Pests, Barbara Hobens
  • Landscaping at the Water’s Edge: An Ecological Approach, Dr. Catherine Neal
  • Landscape Design: Therapeutic Wellness Gardens, Tom Benjamin
  • The Magical Appeal of Moss Landscape Designs, Annie Martin
  • Creating Outdoor Magic: Designing Natural Play and Learning Spaces, Nancy Striniste, MLD
  • Tools and Equipment for the Management of Invasive Species in Natural Areas, Steve Manning
  • Xeriscape Whole System Planning and Practice, Christie Green
  • Edible Native Plants for Your Landscape, Russ Cohen
  • Exploring the Mysteries of Soil Biology, Steve Zien
  • Water Conservation: Landscape Design Strategies, Gary Krause
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  • Ecology Basics for Landscapers and Designers, Sylvan Kaufman
  • Sustainable Landscape Design: Working with Builders, Asia Scudder
  • Organic Lawns: An Overview of Sustainable Turfgrass Management, Chip Osborne
  • Soil Amendments, by Michael J. Curry
  • Sustainability Makes Cents, Erik Ringstrand & Brandon Losey
  • Sustainable Landscape Design, Jack Pizzo & Andy Stahr
  • SITES from the Ground Up: How to Rate Sustainable Landscapes, Lisa Cowan & CeCe Haydock
  • Sustainability & Health: How Sustainable Practices in Guatemala have Influenced My Business And My Way of Life, Julie Siegel
  • Invasive Plants: What Follows Success, John Peter Thompson
  • Principles of Sustainable Landscape Maintenance, Tim Downey
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