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Improving Cash Flow: Better Business Practices for Landscape Professionals

Success in business requires training, discipline & hard work. In this presentation, Frank Crandall will present proven techniques for streamlining your business practices to improve your cash flow and bottom line.

Frank Crandall is the owner of Frank Crandall, Horticultural Solutions, LLC, a landscape design, installation and maintenance firm specializing in sustainable designs, organically maintained landscapes, and specialty pruning.

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Webinar: Understanding Roots: Exploring Plants Underground

Roots do more than just keep a plant from falling over: they gather water and nutrients, exude wondrous elixirs to create good soil, make friends with microbes and fungi, communicate with other roots, and adapt themselves to all manner of soils, winds, and climates, nourishing and sustaining our gardens, lawns, and woodlands.

During the presentation, Robert Kourik will share enchanting and revealing root drawings, from prairies, grasslands, and deserts, as well as drawings based on excavations of vegetable, fruit, nut, and ornamental tree roots. Through detailed illustrations, Kourik will describe how roots work their magic to improve soil nutrients and will discuss soil microbes and their mysterious relationship to roots.

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Webinar: Garden Allies – The Art and Science of Conservation Biological Control

Conservation biological control is the practice of designing and managing habitat that supports beneficial insects that regulate pests, while reducing or even eliminating the need for pesticides in landscapes. While many of the same flowering plants that attract pollinating bees also attract insects that attack common pests, effective conservation biological control requires a holistic approach to design that includes far more than simply growing the right flowers.

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Designed Plant Communities

Today’s gardeners and designers have access to more plant choices than ever before, including native species and their highly attractive cultivars. But awesome plants alone do not automatically translate into great planting.

Claudia West will explain why many well intended plantings fail on an aesthetic level or are difficult to maintain with available resources. This presentation will dive into the fascinating world of wild plant communities and translate their core principles into hands on design and management strategies. Join us and discover how plants fit together in attractive, resilient, and manageable planting.

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