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Soil Amendments: What Works, What Should Be Avoided?

Soils are the base of the landscape. Their complexity can be overwhelming without proper tools to analyze and make best practice recommendations for clients and job sites. This webinar will discuss how to assess soil conditions and make a plan of action to preserve, protect, and promote soil health. Native soils, soil amendments, and engineered soils will be discussed.

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Webinar: Soil Biology

Soil contains an incredible diversity of organisms that make up the Soil Food Web. You may consider yourself a landscaper, but in reality, you are a landscape supervisor and your workforce is the Soil Food Web.

Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, mycorrhizae and others improve plant fertility while helping manage pests. Join Steve Zien (ZienSteve) in this webinar to learn the invaluable contributions these essential creatures make to the landscape process.

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