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CitiesAlive Conference: Rising to the Stormwater Challenge

Join green roof and wall industry leaders this November in North America’s foremost city for green roof policy and implementation – Washington, DC – for the CitiesAlive: 14th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference.

CitiesAlive will focus on stormwater management with technical sessions on policy, research, emerging technologies and design. Explore the science behind green roof and wall performance and learn how these technologies are enabling designers to meet municipal stormwater management requirements.

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Dirty Streets to Dirty BMPS: Maintaining Clean Stormwater BMPs Along Roadways

The use of stormwater LIDs are increasing along roadways, which are subject to harsh impacts from sediment, pollutants, salt, pedestrian, and vehicular impacts. They require structural maintenance of inlets, curbs, and media, but also require non-structural maintenance of plants, mulch, and aesthetics.

Mary Travaglini provides direction and oversight for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of green stormwater infrastructure for Montgomery County, Maryland, including green roofs, pervious pavement, bio-retention, and raingardens.

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Webinar: “Beyond LID” Green Infrastructure

Low Impact Development (LID) has become an increasingly widespread sustainable approach to site planning and stormwater management design.

In this webinar, Jonathan Ford, PE and Brian Kuchar, PE, RLA, will review the fundamental LID principles, then demonstrate innovative “beyond LID” advancements including neighborhood scale environmental design, “lovable” infrastructure, bioretention and permeable pavement case studies in various contexts, bioretention planting approaches, and solutions to address perceived LID stormwater maintenance and operation challenges.

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Webinar: Water Conservation: Landscape Design Strategies

Each year millions are spent on designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that use too many unsustainable resources and rely on unsustainable practices. There is little thought given to water conservation in traditional landscape design and the result is a continuing depletion of our water resources.

This presentation will address many water conservation techniques including plant choices, material selection, and irrigation options. With careful planning, landscape designs can provide alternatives to our clients and create sustainable landscapes that are both beautiful and water-conscious.

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Webinar: Landscaping at the Water’s Edge: An Ecological Approach

This webinar will cover simple stormwater management strategies for residential properties that encourage infiltration of runoff on site, thus reducing pollutant loads to surface waters. Line drawings illustrate how a degraded lakeshore property can be transformed to an attractive and highly functional site. With simple observations, ecologically-based design and low impact maintenance practices, you can protect, and even improve, the quality of our water resources.

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