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Urban Tree Selection in a Changing Climate

Urban and community forests are likely to be among the first ecosystems impacted by climate change since projected temperature increases will be exacerbated by urban heat island effects. Based on current climate projections urban trees will experience dramatically warmer temperatures during their lifespans than the climates under which they evolved. Identifying appropriate tree genotypes for future climates is fraught with uncertainty and the potential for unintended consequences.

Dr. Bert Cregg is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for landscape, nursery, and Christmas tree production at Michigan State University. His expertise includes stress physiology, plant nutrition, and plant response to environmental stresses.

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Webinar: Low-Impact Construction for Living Landscapes

Doug Nachtigall’s presentation will feature low-impact construction techniques to minimize the negative impacts of landscape construction. With careful planning, landscapes can utilize nearly 90% reused material.

This presentation will introduce participants to these low impact construction methods in hopes that they become part of every eco-designer’s and builder’s repertoire and become standard methods for developing and planning living projects.

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Webinar: Landscape Design: Therapeutic Wellness Gardens

Ecological landscape professionals have long understood the connection between healthy landscapes and human health. In this webinar, Tom Benjamin will share his insights and the techniques that he has used to integrate human “well-being” and environmental health into wellness designs for heavily developed sites.

Tom’s presentation will cover the planning, implementation, and maintenance of therapeutic wellness gardens as components of campus scale efforts to transform conventional landscapes to green infrastructure. As part of the overall design, he will cover passive stormwater management, soil rejuvenation, habitat enhancement, aesthetic and maintenance considerations, and the nexus between human wellness and the health of the environment.

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