New Landscape Professional Certification Introduced

The Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) Certification is a new voluntary credential system for professionals who design, install, and maintain sustainable landscapes.  The credential training and examination emphasizes stormwater retrofit best practices and conservation CBLP_Logo (1)landscaping with native plants to benefit the environment.

The initial Pilot of the training and exam for this new CBLP credential begins this autumn 2016, at locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  CBLP will offer two levels of training and certification:

Level 1

Level 1 is a baseline credential in design, installation, and maintenance of sustainable landscapes, with emphasis on how to properly maintain stormwater best management practices. Candidates seeking certification at this Level must have one of the following qualifications:

A Degree or Certificate from an accredited institution of higher education in related fields of study such as agriculture, botanical sciences, engineering, environmental or soil science, forestry, horticulture or plant science, landscape architecture or design, planning, or other related field OR A Professional Certification which requires the holder to engage in continuing education in order to maintain the credential, in a related field such as arboristry, green infrastructure or low impact development (LID) practices, grounds management, horticulture, integrated pest management (IPM) or licensed pesticide application, landscape design, landscape technology, or nutrient management (fertilizer) planning or fertilizer application, soil science, wetlands delineation, habitat protection/restoration or other related field.

Level 2

Level 2 is an advanced credential for professionals experienced in design or installation of conservation landscapes with emphasis on small, residential-scale stormwater retrofit best practices. Candidates for Level 2 must have Level 1 CBLP certification, and must demonstrate prior experience in design and/or installation of sustainable landscapes.


The Autumn 2016 Pilot will offer a series of training opportunities, allowing professionals to choose exactly what they need to prepare for the Level 1 exam:

Required Optional
Level 1 October and November: Field-based, One-day Maintenance Practicum in the DC metro and Hampton Roads, VA areas.

November-December: Candidates may take the Exam in either DC or Hampton Roads area.

September onward:  Webinar series available online.

October and early November: One-day Review Workshops in DC and Hampton Roads areas.

Level 2 December or January: Three day Intensive Seminar in the DC area.

A new website,, will launch in early August. Detailed pilot schedules, training locations, and fees will be posted on the website. Registration will open by the end of August.

The certification project is steered by the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council, and partner organization representatives from University of Maryland Extension, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Habitat Partners, and Wetlands Watch.

For more information contact:

Beth Ginter, MPSLD
Coordinator, Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification
703-501-1208 (c)

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  1. Ray Odom says:

    Please keep me posted. I wish to participate. I am a Virginia Certified Horticulturist and work with Chesapeake Bay landscape plans thru Gallup Surveyor’s and Engineers, who design Chesapeake Bay single family site plans in Virginia Beach. Thank you.

  2. Without reading this, I never would have known that there were different levels of professionals in this field. My husband and I need to put a yard in, and we need to hire some help. If we are gong to spend the money to pay a professional, I want to make sure they are the highest level of certification.

  3. Bob says:

    Great article. I work with a lot of customers in need of hardscapes, and I am always sure to show them all the certifications we have. Also, it has helped us acquire some of the jobs we have gotten even though we may be a little higher priced. I believe their should be specific continuing education for all contractors, because it truly separates those that are in this for their passion and in it for just the money. Great read. I am glad I bumped into it.

  4. Mark Steve says:

    Incredible article. I own an online landscaping website and work with a ton of clients needing Landscapes, and I am constantly certain to demonstrate to them every one of the affirmations we have. I am very interested to do the both levels and want to get these professional certifications. Awesome read. I am happy I caught it. Thanks for sharing this article.

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