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Join CCLC on December 8th 2023  for a post conference field day! This year there will be two field day options.


Field days are limited in size.


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Living Shorelines Field Tour, 9:oo am – 1:00 pm This field day is now full

Living shorelines include a suite of techniques used to minimize coastal erosion and to protect, restore, enhance or create natural shoreline habitat. Techniques may include the use of fiber coir logs, sills, groins, breakwaters or other components used in combination with sand, other natural materials and marsh plantings. This half-day tour will take us to several living shoreline practices in Queen Anne’s and Kent Counties. We will be joined by Sarah Hilderbrand from Maryland DNR and Lucas Lees of Unity Landscaping, as we visit living shorelines of different ages, in various conditions.


BMP Sampler Tour, 9:oo am – 1:00 pmThis field day is now full

Best management practices can be designed in all shapes and sizes with plant material uniquely matched to the site. While there are similarities between these types of projects throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the sites we’ll visit have some design considerations specific to the coastal plain. It’s also important to consider the processes to put these projects and motion and to keep up with them post-construction. We will be joined by Darran Tilghman and Jennifer Klug Vaccaro of Shore Rivers and Leslie Cario of Chesapeake Horticultural Services as we visit a variety of conservation landscapes and stormwater practices and meet up with experts on site at each location. During this half-day tour, we’ll travel between Kent Island and Easton in Queen Anne’s and Talbot Counties.

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BMP Sampler Tour 9AM – 12PM