Do you need to find native plants, rain barrels, or permeable paving? Do you want a landscape designer who can create a beautiful, environmentally-friendly garden or a landscape contractor who can install your new garden? Search the list of businesses below to see who provides products and services for your area.

The businesses, organizations and agencies listed here are members of the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council. They provide products for conservation landscaping, landscape design or landscape contracting services, or education and information about conservation landscaping.

Those listed support CCLC’s mission and programs through their membership, but CCLC does not endorse or certify them. CCLC recommends that when reviewing a business’s qualifications, you refer to the Eight Elements listed below and detailed here.

CCLC will update this list with additional information as our membership grows. If you would like to be included, you are invited to become a member of CCLC.

sunray lawn and landscape
wetland watch
alliance for the Chesapeake bay
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gracefully green
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mullan nursery company
landstudies inc
environmental quality resources
hirschman water & environment
Native Plant LTD
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