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Webinar: Low-Impact Construction for Living Landscapes

Doug Nachtigall’s presentation will feature low-impact construction techniques to minimize the negative impacts of landscape construction. With careful planning, landscapes can utilize nearly 90% reused material.

This presentation will introduce participants to these low impact construction methods in hopes that they become part of every eco-designer’s and builder’s repertoire and become standard methods for developing and planning living projects.

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Webinar: Water Conservation: Landscape Design Strategies

Each year millions are spent on designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that use too many unsustainable resources and rely on unsustainable practices. There is little thought given to water conservation in traditional landscape design and the result is a continuing depletion of our water resources.

This presentation will address many water conservation techniques including plant choices, material selection, and irrigation options. With careful planning, landscape designs can provide alternatives to our clients and create sustainable landscapes that are both beautiful and water-conscious.

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Free Webinar: Edible Native Plants for Your Landscape

There’s an increasing inclination to utilize more native species in home landscaping and in parks and other conserved landscapes. Perhaps knowing that many native species are edible by people too will provide an additional incentive to plant native species.

Edible wild plants offer opportunities for people to connect to nature via their taste buds, thereby building their enthusiasm and public support for adding edible native plants to their home landscaping, as well as for conserving other lands that offer foraging opportunities. Learn about at least three dozen of the tastiest native species the Northeast U.S. region has to offer.

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Webinar: Xeriscape: Whole System Planning and Practice

Christie Green will present an overview of planning and installing xeriscapes using examples from her work in the Southwestern US. Her presentation will cover landscapes as living ecological and cultural systems using long-term and large-scale vision in the planning.

She will discuss water use zones, passive water harvesting, soil building, selection of plant species for different water zones and purposes and provision of edibles for humans and birds. Learn from examples of each principle how the whole system works together to create a drought-tolerant, beautiful landscape.

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Webinar: Tools and Equipment for the Management of Invasive Species in Natural Areas

Steve Manning will open the toolbox and outline examples of effective treatments for integrated management of invasive plants including herbicide application methods, manual, mechanical and cultural control.

Steve will highlight the good the bad and the ugly learned from more than 20 years of on the ground experience controlling invasive plants in the United States. This includes equipment highlights, effective and ineffective selective and non-selective control methods, the consequences of proper hiring practices, and associated costs.

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