Keeping Carbon in the Ground: A Scientific Exploration of Climate Change and Soil Health

Keeping Carbon in the Ground: A Scientific Exploration of Climate Change and Soil Health Soils rich in carbon are healthy soils. However, climate change and poor management practices can degrade soil carbon stores and, consequently, the soil itself. Dr. DeAngelis will explain why keeping carbon in the ground is important, and how carbon sequestration factors into maintaining healthy soils. She will also discuss the changes that were observed over a 26-year period in a long-term climate change field experiment in which soils were heated 5 degrees C above ambient temperatures. Along with a look at the science, Dr. DeAngelis will suggest ways in which we can make changes in our practices to increase carbon storage in the soil.

Kristen DeAngelis, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has trained in soil microbiology and soil ecology at the University of California Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and has worked on tropical rainforest, temperate forest, and grassland soils.

Native Plant Sales & Hometown Habitat Screening in Glenwood, MD

Visit Lauren’s Garden Service in October for native plant sales and a screening of Hometown Habitat! The two sales will be on October 7 from 4pm – 8pm and October 21 from 10am – 1pm. The screening of Hometown Habitat will be on October 7 at 7pm.

Lauren’s Garden Service is located at 3575 Sharp Rd. in Gelnwood, MD. They carry native perennials, shurbs, trees, fall annuals, containers, and more.

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The Importance of Maintenance: An Interview with Cheryl Corson

The new Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification Program is working to educate landscape professionals on conservation landscaping, stormwater management, and how to maintain projects for long-term success. One of the study materials is the newly developed, “CBLP Sustainable Landscapes Maintenance Manual” written by Cheryl Corson. This manual provides a condensed review of the most important landscape maintenance considerations. Cheryl was recently interviewed about her experience and the need for this manual.

Cheryl Corson, RLA, ASLA, is a landscape architect and writer in private practice in the greater D.C. metro area. She also instructs landscape architecture licensure candidates in preparing for the design, stormwater management, and construction sections of the LARE exam. Cheryl holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, and received her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

CitiesAlive Conference: Rising to the Stormwater Challenge

Join green roof and wall industry leaders this November in North America’s foremost city for green roof policy and implementation – Washington, DC – for the CitiesAlive: 14th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference.

CitiesAlive will focus on stormwater management with technical sessions on policy, research, emerging technologies and design. Explore the science behind green roof and wall performance and learn how these technologies are enabling designers to meet municipal stormwater management requirements.